Quality Standards

Cold Formed

QualIty Standards

Cold Formed industrial systems in challenging, qualified projects…

If you want to improve the quality in steel structures, designing by combining all the scenarios you can think of, a technological production infrastructure is required.

We are prepared for difficult conditions and optimum use. Our steels always give confidence, we have advanced calculation skills, we are constantly renewed in the freshness of information for static / dynamic analysis.

Our Movement

The investor who focuses on working with us will first of all be in the direction of trust, high quality target, saving money and time in their investments, and gaining our service commitments that will lead to better with our strong solution partnership.


It is a new generation superior steel construction technology that we create our industrial, commercial and residential buildings with profiles produced by giving all forms on Rollforming CNC, Laser CNC and Press Brake lines after slicing according to the dimensions determined in the static phase of projects from high-strength steel rolls that contain advanced engineering calculation programs.

In the steel industry we serve; ideas for steel® – innovation in steel structures® is used as our patented slogans.